What does it take to outperform the market?

Imagine selling your home for more and being able to take that extra vacation you deserve.

Imagine beating the market and selling your home faster than everyone thought possible.

Imagine being able to upgrade to a more expensive home because you made so much more on your sale.

You might be thinking, “How can someone actually outperform the market?”

Good question. And we have hundreds of clients who can tell you about it.

In over 14 years of working in high-performance real estate, we’ve learned that most real estate agents out there are average.
You’re the person who has dreams they want to fulfill. You have a wish list, a bucket list, and maybe an expensive habit or two. You need to sell the biggest asset you own for the most amount of money because you have things you want to do!

You’re the kind of person who knows that they get the best by working with the best.

Trusted media experts: We appear on television, print, live events, and even train other real estate agents.

High-stakes negotiators: You’re selling an asset worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and need to be strongly represented to maximize your profit.

Proven selling system: We consistently lead the market when it comes to our aggressive, cutting-edge approach so I can sell your home faster and for more.

Now you're probably thinking...

“My house needs some work”
We will guide you through any and all repairs/renovations, making sure you only do the work that will bring you the maximum return on your investment.

“My house doesn’t look good”

Unlike average “stagers” who shift around pillows and put ugly flowers and doilies all over the place, my team will design your house to sell. We bring style, flair, and design into your home. We have couches, tables, chairs, artwork, throws, and pillows…hundreds and hundreds of pillows. By designing your home to sell, your listing will move to the top of a buyer’s wish list and get your home sold faster and for more.

“There’s other similar homes for sale. Can I really outperform the market?”
If you haven’t read Seth’s book yet, we’ll get you a copy. He spends a few chapters just on this subject. Most real estate agents are average, which is actually a good thing for you because the competition is only average competition. We have a marketing system that makes sure your home gets seen by all serious, qualified buyers that will blow the socks off the competition.



Real Results. Real Money.

Average Agent

The home was listed by an “average agent” and sold for $875,000 after sitting on the market for 46 days.

Ferguson & Co

We listed the EXACT SAME MODEL about a month and a half later, but without the upgraded exterior. The average detached price actually went down during this time.
We sold in 5 days for $913,000 with 5 offers
That’s $38,000 more and 89% faste!

These homes were listed at exactly the same time, directly across from each other, and were the exact same model.  I went back into the archives for this one, and even used it in my book! This is the closest comparison you’ll ever get! 

Average Agent

• Pie-shaped lot  • New kitchen & new windows,  

• Newer hardwood floors & insulation  
• New air conditioner and furnace 
Listed at $409,500. Had to reduce to $399,900. Finally sold for $392,000 after 21 days on market.

Ferguson & Co

• Less desirable reverse pie-shaped lot

• Newer laminate flooring
• Original kitchen & windows
Listed at $409,900. 2 offers on third day and sold for $410,200.
That’s $18,200 more and 71% faster!

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