Want to Sell Your Home for More Money?


Sell For More contains the secrets to selling your home for more money and better terms.

Learn from a top award-winning agent how to outperform the market and achieve above-average results. 
When you’re dealing with your own home and hard-earned money, average just isn’t good enough.

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From the Foreword by Richard Robbins:

“…This book is loaded with decades of experience and more than a few good stories. There is no fluff. Instead, the pages are filled with real-life examples and what is actually working in today’s market to sell your home for top dollar…What you learn in these pages will prepare you for selling what’s likely the biggest asset you own. Anyone thinking about selling their home needs to read this book.”

Sell For More is filled with real-life examples, case studies and the secret concepts that every home seller must know before listing their home.

➼ Why two identical houses, on the same street directly across from each other, and listed at the exact same time sold for a difference of $18,200…

➼ How installing a side entrance door cost one seller of $100,000 in profit…


➼ Why underpricing their home at the right time saved one seller $55,000…

➼ And much more!

What experts are saying about the book...

Harpreet Hans
Harpreet Hansreal estate lawyer
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“This book is powerful! After many years of practicing real estate law, I can say that all sellers will benefit from the solid advice delivered in Sell For More. My work generally begins once the offer is accepted, which means I see firsthand the results of excellent, average, and poor selling strategies. If you follow the steps laid out in this book, you will be on the right path to big smiles on your closing day.”
Doug Adlam
Doug Adlamentrepreneur & multi-award-winning mortgage broker
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"You can’t buy experience, but the next best thing is buying this book! Seth and his team have filled the pages with real-life, useful information that you can use for the sale of your home. If you follow his advice you’ll most definitely win and profit from your sale."
Dana Richard
Dana Richardinternational real estate coach & trainer
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The decades of experience packed into this book make this a gold mine for anyone selling their home. The system mapped out in Sell For More not only works, it outperforms. When you’re selling an asset worth as much as your home, you can’t afford average results. I wish this book was available years ago when was selling my first home!
Warwick Johnston
Warwick Johnstonmortgage professional
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“Sell For More should be mandatory reading for anyone considering selling their home. It gives sellers a step-by-step roadmap to success and includes many real-life stories that are not only educational, but pretty funny too!”